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Note: As I edit it, this journal keeps randomly deleting the example graphics. I'm sorry for the inconvenience if I don't notice / don't correct it immediately.
➤ Commission progress

General rules:

  • I'm good at drawing animals / dragons / Pokémon / [insert your desired fandom here].
  • No. Humans. Ever. Anthromorphic characters are fine, tho.
  • I really can't figure out how clothing works, soo... Guess you're better off with your character being naked.
  • I roll way better with a reference. Even if you think it is badly drawn, I really don't mind because it helps a lot!
    Twenty completely different references on the other hand are very confusing. So please, don't go full "take this from that and this from those". I'll cry. Literally.
  • So, I'm not really up for complex backgrounds just yet. Want some funky colorful shadow casting from your character, that's absolutely fine. Some colored circle behind your character's head/shoulder area? Sure thing! Big ass fire, engulfing the whole background? Call me in! But... yeah, you get where I'm coming from.
  • For now, I'd like to refrain from NSFW pieces whatsoever. I've never done any and I don't feel like starting to get in touch with them just yet.
  • Want process sketches? Get process sketches!
    I can (and will either way) send some after basically any step if you want me to. (So sketching, even more sketching, inking, coloring...)
    Please note that I will raise the price if I have to e.g. scrap everything after being finished with the lines. I'll always be willing to do changes.
    But the sooner you decide you don't like what I did and want me to do it differently, the better.

Payment rules:

  • I prefer split payment. Which means: 50% as soon as I start working on the piece and 50% after I'm finished and you're completely satisfied with the outcome.
    I mean, if you're okay with paying 100% of the price beforehand, heck, that's fine by me as well. Just wanna be sure we're both A-OK in the end.
  • If you decide to cancel the commission, there'll be two cases: I didn't even start? Get 100% refunded.
    I already started? I'll keep the 50% you paid me beforehand. Just mentioning: I put time, work and love into your pieces, so I think you can relate to that decision.
  • I accept payment via PayPal and - in case that works smoothly? - regular bank accounts, I suppose. I don't really have any use for Points, tbh.
  • Prices are set per character - so two characters means double the price, three characters means trice the price, etc.
  • If afore mentioned second (third/forth/...) character is mostly hidden behind another one or absolutely lacking in any detail, we can of course discuss this.
    Generally: There's an exception to every rule. Keyword case-to-case basis.

Order rules:

  • Comment below or send me a Note to place an order and fill out the following form:
  • Type of Commission: Headshot (or Waist Up) / Fullbody
    + Sketch / Lineart / "Simple color" / "Full color"
  • Characters / references:
  • Desired pose / displayed personality: Put literally anything here which helps me to depict your character the way you want me to!
  • Payment method:
  • Total:


  1. Rinku (Ground Monotype Squad - 13 Pokémon) [Currently: Shading/Highlighting (~7% done)] Sketch, Lines
  2. Rinku (Flying Monotype Squad)
  3. Rinku (Fire Monotype Squad? Dunno yet.)
So, a friend made a huge order because I urgently needed money and paid all of it after I finished one of the four pieces - yay! 
No pressure or anything! (Absolutely not.) But fear not: There's more!

Wait list:

  1. Open
  2. Open
  3. Open
  4. Open
  5. Open 
If you wish to order a drawing (or multiple) and my slots are occupied, feel free to leave a comment / note nonetheless!
You won't be forgotten, promised! I'll notify you as soon as the time comes to work on your piece and ask if you're still interested.

Headshot / Waist Up:

Because waist up is basically the same as headshot for any four-legged creature. Basically.

Sketch: 3€
Colored Sketch: 4€

Lineart: 6€
Simple Color: 7€
Full Color: 12€



Sketch: 5€
Colored Sketch: 7€

Lineart: 12€
Simple Color: 15€
Full Color: 20€



Examples for Sketches:


Examples for Lines:

Birds of Pokemon (Lines) by Ryokara Ryu Monster Hunter Gear (Lines) by Ryokara Dragon Commission (Lines) by Ryokara Vireil (Lines) by Ryokara Ryu (Lines) by Ryokara Chibi Mudkip (Lines) by Ryokara


So, what's the deal with "Simple Color" and "Full Color"?

Ryu #3 [June 2016] by Ryokara Ryu #4 [August 2016] by Ryokara Abe (Monster Hunter) [May 2016] by Ryokara Brachydios (Monster Hunter) [June 2016] by Ryokara Blue Wyvern [February 2017] by Ryokara 7th Gen Starters [August 2016] by Ryokara
Note: I didn't come up with a more fitting name. "Complex Color" sounded weird, too. So, I went for "full".

So, these are examples for "simple color". They're flats with some highlights, very basic shading and/or gradient, as soon as I see need to place those.
Basically, that happens most of the time when I really want to express the depth and/or texture of a part of the character.
Also, I am most definitely convinced that detailed and complex color isn't working, so I'm not going to offer that explicitly.

Pokemon Reborn Team [Commission] [May 2017] by Ryokara Tiirran (Flight Rising) [December 2015] by Ryokara Edna (Flight Rising) [December 2015] by Ryokara Coatl (Flight Rising) [January 2016] by Ryokara Commission [February 2016] by Ryokara #587 Emolga [June 2015] by Ryokara
As for Full / Complex / Detailed color, those are some of the examples for that.
Some of these pieces are rather old and some details really badly executed, but once upon a time, I faced proper coloration more open-heartedly
I've been changing my style of shading every once in a while, but lately, I got stuck on "smoother shadings". (I fail to express that properly in English, sorry. orz )
Actually, I'm yet to be completely satisfied with how I do it, because it is really time expensive, but in the end, I'm always confident in the result.


Please note that I am - above everything - human.

First off: I did't make any bad experience with this behavoir myself yet and everyone's been very, very patient so far - and I'm very happy about that.
I just want to make sure. See, your commission will take time. Currently, I've got a lot of spare time on my hands - thus, a lot of time to draw.
Soon though, I'll start working every day in shifts. Never done that before and I fear, it's gotta be hard on me and my low blood pressure.
Afterwards, I'll be moving, etc etc. There will be days, I don't feel like drawing or won't have any time for it, as much as I'd love to.
Lastly, I'm far from being a professional. Still, I'm trying to make results look as good and refined as I possibly can.
Please understand that putting artists/people in general under (time) pressure does no good at all - it's rather the opposite.
It discourages, lowers the quality of the work and thus, the final outcome. Thus, thanks a bunch for your patience!


Any questions unanswered?

Feel free to ask them right here or write me a note about it! I don't bite, promised. <3
Thank you very much for reading and being interested!

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I wonder if considering myself as a "Student" in here is accurate.
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Might as well go back to "Hobbyist". ouo;;

- practicing a lot and improving further, until I find my very own consistent art style
- drawing a nuzlocke comic. or multiple? oh boi
- being able to appreciate my own skills more often
- inspiring people with my person and art
- working in game design / development one day
- finding something like... a profession
- acting less akward around people lol


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